Monday, April 16, 2012

All is for Your Glory

It's days like today that the reality of dangerous prayers really sinks in. There is a weight, a responsibility that we must come to understand before we begin to ask God why. God is a faithful God, and He answers prayers. That's why.
Where is all of this coming from? About a week or so ago, I heard this song, "All is For Your Glory" the chorus... or perhaps the bridge... either way it goes like this "Put me anywhere, just put your Glory in me. I'll serve anywhere, Just let me see Your beauty" When I heard this, it ran deeply through me. I prayed, "Yes God, put me anywhere, because I want you to be glorified over what I want". Or at least something to that effect. Well, I'm starting to see the effects of such a prayer. See, I had next year planned out. I had my if this happens then or if this doesn't happen then... I had it all figured out. Not to say that I wasn't relying on the Lord. For sure He was my top priority, trusting that He was directing all of my decisions. But today all of my decisions were shaken. I had finally been at peace about not doing some of the things that I enjoy, or have a passion for, in order to pursue other things that I also have a heart and passion for. Simply because the right doors were not open. Now I'm staring at two doors that are wide open, and yet, at any moment either one can be slammed in my face. I know the Lord is sovereign and He ultimately will make it all work out, but in the moment I'm being forced to choose... HOW willing am I, REALLY to serve ANYWHERE as long as it is for the Lord's Glory, or is it more about where I think I can succeed or do well.
Why do I say all this, not even knowing if it all makes sense? Because I am choosing to continue to pray "PUT ME ANYWHERE" I am choosing to make it about His glory, and knowing that there may be pain along the road, but in the end it WILL be worth it. Because the Lord is my Joy and my Delight. What part do you have to play in this? Join with me in prayer, I have invited people to pray the dangerous prayers, and I must continue to bear the weight and responsibility of that and trust the Lord, not ask Him why, because I already know why. Pray with me, pray what the Lord puts on your heart. Pray that His will be done. Pray that no matter where He puts me it is for His glory and that I will honor that.

This is the song... in it's fullness. Please check it out. Are you willing to declare "Put me anywhere, just put Your glory in me. I'll serve anywhere, just let me see Your beauty."