Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Righteous Anger

To be truthful, I'm not sure where this blog is going to lead. I'm not sure what the content will be, I just know I have something to say regarding the way society is and is headed. Fear not, this is NOT going to be a bash Obama or a redeem Romney blog. It's not about the presidential debates or the election. It's about PEOPLE. Humans who choose to live in a certain way. It's about the destruction I see happening around me every day while SO MANY PEOPLE choose to ignore it.


 [rahy-chuh s] 
characterized by uprightness or morality: a righteous observance of the law.
morally right or justifiable: righteous indignation.
acting in an upright, moral way; virtuous: a righteous and godly person.



a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by wrong; wrathire.
Chiefly British Dialect pain or smart, as of a sore.
Obsolete grief; trouble.
verb (used with object)
to arouse anger or wrath in.
Chiefly British Dialect to cause to smart; inflame.

Bible Dictionary
Anger definition
the emotion of instant displeasure on account of something evil that presents itself to our view. In itself it is an original susceptibility of our nature, just as love is, and is not necessarily sinful. It may, however, become sinful when causeless, or excessive, or protracted (Matt. 5:22; Eph. 4:26; Col. 3:8). As ascribed to God, it merely denotes his displeasure with sin and with sinners (Ps. 7:11).

Why do I add those definitions you ask? Well, perhaps so I can evaluate myself, and if what I am feeling is in fact a combination of those two words "righteous anger" These words are used I think too frequently in the Christian circle. Used to excuse anger which is in fact, not a righteous anger. Why do I make such a bold statement? First let's examine righteous - uprightness or morality, morally right or justifiable, acting in an upright way. Can someone who is not living this definition in their lives - so, someone who is not living morally - be qualified to have righteous anger? Is the righteousness confined specifically to the area that is provoking the anger? Now, I'm not saying that I expect people to be perfect. That's impossible, because we are human, we will fail, we do sin. But, are you trying to live in a way that reflects righteousness, and Christ, or are you going to church on Sunday, claiming you're a Christian and living a totally different way throughout the week? On to anger - a strong feeling of displeasure (nothing wrong so far) and belligerence aroused by a wrong... lets quickly examine belligerence - Aggressive or warlike behavior. Now that might be a problem. But, is that just because this is the world's definition of anger? Well, that's why I included the bible definition of anger. (see above). So to combine righteous and anger - to me would seem to mean - a morally right and justifiable strong feeling of displeasure aroused by a wrong. 
All of that considered I shall continue with my post.
What brings me to think "righteous anger"? Well for starters, the exploration of facebook to find so many "friends" who use horrible language, live a wild lifestyle and choose to walk in sin, and occasionally, when everything is going "perfect" in their lives  be all like "Thank you Lord". Now don't get me wrong, it's great that they acknowledge the Lord, but it causes displeasure in me when there are so many people pursuing the Lord consistently, and trying to bring others to Christ through love and their Christ like lives, and people like mentioned above ruin it because non-Christians see that and think ALL Christians are FAKE LIARS.
Please, I know I've made my share of mistakes, I know I'm not perfect... but I am trying. I want the Lord to have the praise, honor, adoration, glory, and reverence He is due. I want to live a lifestyle that reflects who I am and what I claim to be - not by the world's definition, not by the church's definition, but by how the Bible commands me to live. How Christ guides me to live. 
I'm not always going to be able to say "thank you Lord" because things are going fantastic, I am going to face trials, I am going to be tempted, it IS going to be hard. That's why the Lord commands us to "take up their cross daily" (Luke 9:23) not "enjoy the rest of life it will be a breeze". Stop blaming God for putting you in the position of being pregnant out of wedlock and not knowing who the father is... YOU chose to sleep with that many guys. Stop blaming God for your divorce... did you invite Him into the marriage?  Stop blaming God that you're grounded or your parents are angry with you or don't trust you... YOU chose to go out and get drunk when you said you were going to go bowling. Am I making the point yet?
The God of the Bible, the one true God, He wants to work all things out for GOOD... but there is a requirement on our part... we have to trust Him and know that we are called according to HIS purpose. (Romans 8:28)
Now, I'm sure some people who read this will be less than pleased with what I have to say. It will cause some to be uncomfortable, or to feel conviction that they fall into this category. Some will criticize me for being so bold as to actually say something that counteracts our self-focused, self-indulging, whatever-makes-me-feel-good culture. But I dare say, there will be the few, the called, the true followers of Christ, who will rise with me, and make a change.
It's all worth it for the glory of the Lord.
Let us never loose focus to become angry out of our own gain. 

*Please know this is said out of a desire to see change and NOT to condemn. If I have said all this, and have not love for the people, I gain nothing. Please know it is love and compassion that calls for a change*

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Setting up another blog

For someone who has never blogged before this year, I certainly have been doing a lot more blogging than I thought I ever would. I had to set up a second blog today, it will be specifically focused on my year on ministry team and what the Lord is doing each week. The Ministry Team Road Managers had us all set one up in hopes of it being a good place to keep supporters updated, and wanting to continue to give, as fund raising is much harder while on the road.
If you want to check it out the link is http://relentlesspursuit2012.blogspot.com/
Pre production started officially on Monday. We've been working fairly short days compared to what we will be once we are in full swing, I'm grateful for the extra down time we have right now. I lost my voice over the weekend, so I'm glad to finally have that back. I'm so excited to see what this next year has in store for me. I find out tomorrow what my role for the next year will be and I am excited yet nervous. There is a specific job that I am hoping to get, but I am praying and trusting the Lord is in control and He knows what is best for me over my own will. We will see what happens soon.
I told myself I was going to be in bed early tonight... and while as early as I hoped will not be happening, I am going to leave now and get the much needed rest that I can while I still have the opportunity to.
For everyone at home know that I miss you dearly and hopefully I can see a lot of you at the Des Moines ATF this year.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Been a LONG Time

Hello! Yes, I am still alive. And I am truly sorry it has been so long since my last post. Though, I am glad to say that there are several good reasons (or excuses... see them as you will) that I have not been posting; and that's what this post shall be about. ALL of the things I have been doing (in summary form of course) that have kept me from blogging.
In May - I spent a weekend hanging out with my family core, we went to a couple of different lakes... and that's a long story, but let's just say it was an adventure, and of course made memories. The next weekend (which was an extended one) was the School of Worship GI retreat. We went to a camp ground by Houston and had a great time relaxing and being refreshed in the Lord without the business of campus. Needless to say, the month of May found me in a season of enjoying the weather before it got too hot!
Now lets venture into June - the first weekend of June we had the Celebration LTE, where we were able to CELEBRATE everything we have accomplished this year as well as how much we have grown. We have somewhat of an... Olympic competition... though we have some novelty competitions like pie eating to make it a bit more fun. I worked the next couple of days, then had the joy of being able to go home for a two week vacation. While the long drive home was less that fun, I did get to break it up over a couple of days, of which I was greatful. Driving through the hottest part of the day would not have been fun with no A/C. I'm glad to say I have a wonderful dad who worked hard while I was home and I got to come back to campus with A/C fully functional. When I got back to campus the summer schedule was in full swing. That means I'm working odd hours, sometimes 6 days a week for a few hours each day, sometimes only 3 or 4 days a week with much longer days. Needless to say that keeps me busy and on my toes.
In the midst of all my work business I am learning to fight for time to develop myself outside of the classes and sessions we have. I just finished reading Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere. It was a good book, and I would recommend it to any women looking for something to inspire you. I'm now diving into a second book and have weekly goals set for the rest of the summer, this is a new adventure, and it's proven to be a difficult one... but I know I am going to grow and for that I am excited.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chantelle Nelson

There is a woman on campus who I would like to honor today. Her name is Chantelle Nelson. She lives in my house and is in The School of Worship program with me. Why honor her today? What is so special about this woman over anyone else? Well, there are qualities of this woman that have frequently gone overlooked, and today I would like to bring them to light. Chantelle is a woman of God who works diligently and many times works above and beyond what is required of her. She is always encouraging others and while some may say things just to encourage others, you can tell when Chantelle speaks it is always true and from her heart. She is a joy to be around. Chantelle interacts with many undergraduate interns and works to grow them and mentor them. I also have the joy of friendship with this amazing woman who has been an ear to listen and help me process and ALWAYS points me back to the Lord when going through hard times. This year I have seen Chantelle grow spiritually and learn more and more to rely on the Lord in all circumstances. Right now Chantelle is relying on the Lord to provide finances, she has worked and worked and worked to see money come in, and at every deadline the Lord has some how made a way. There is another deadline fast approaching, would you be willing to join me in honoring Chantelle? Would you be willing to give a tax deductible donation to help her stay at the Honor Academy and continue to walk in what the Lord is doing in Chantelle's live and through her life. Any amount helps, $1, $5 (one less medium drink at Starbucks this week?), $10. Whatever you have and can give I know would bless Chantelle more than words could express. Would you also join me in prayer for Chantelle, that once again the Lord would be faithful and provide what she needs to stay.
Here is the information you will need to donate to Chantelle. Remember all donations are tax deductible.
US donors can donate online at https://secure.teenmania.com/transactiontool/search/ha or by phone by calling 888-419-8336 or 1-903-324-8123. International donors may call those same numbers. If you are in Canada, you may donate online at http://teenmania.ca/index.php?target=donate and select the Honor Academy Intern option or by phone at 800-747-5949.
Name: Chantelle Nelson 
ID# 2545063
Chantelle leading worship on campus

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Update on the hard decisions

In my last post I eluded to some challenging decision that I was facing. Well I'm on the other side of those decisions now so I thought I would explain more. I was going through the process of deciding about staying next year. I had two opportunities, but neither was a for sure thing. Then, I found out that I had been accepted to do both programs. I had an opportunity to stay another year in The School of Worship where I would have been touring or I could stay with the Ministry Team. I have decided to stay and do Ministry Team. Yes, it's that thing that I'm constantly talking about even though I'm not a part of it, so I suppose it's only fitting that I will be a part of it for next year. I will be touring around the country with about 30 other people and we will be responsible for setting up the Acquire the Fire events as well as making sure everything runs smoothly throughout the events.  It seems so crazy that I have been called to walk away from music and all of that, but I know that it is only for a season and  that while I won't have the constant opportunities to play that I did this year, there will hopefully still be opportunities to play sometimes.
Though this whole decision making there is one thing that has been constant. The Lord's faithfulness. There were many points in my decision where I was asking the Lord what He wanted me to do and I would just sit and be overwhelmed by His faithfulness in answering those prayers. It was even more overwhelming looking back to see how He pieced all of those things together to make it even more clear.
His revelation of His characteristics to me has been so amazing. I can't wait to see the things He will continue to reveal as I continue a Relentless Pursuit of Him over the next year.

Monday, April 16, 2012

All is for Your Glory

It's days like today that the reality of dangerous prayers really sinks in. There is a weight, a responsibility that we must come to understand before we begin to ask God why. God is a faithful God, and He answers prayers. That's why.
Where is all of this coming from? About a week or so ago, I heard this song, "All is For Your Glory" the chorus... or perhaps the bridge... either way it goes like this "Put me anywhere, just put your Glory in me. I'll serve anywhere, Just let me see Your beauty" When I heard this, it ran deeply through me. I prayed, "Yes God, put me anywhere, because I want you to be glorified over what I want". Or at least something to that effect. Well, I'm starting to see the effects of such a prayer. See, I had next year planned out. I had my if this happens then or if this doesn't happen then... I had it all figured out. Not to say that I wasn't relying on the Lord. For sure He was my top priority, trusting that He was directing all of my decisions. But today all of my decisions were shaken. I had finally been at peace about not doing some of the things that I enjoy, or have a passion for, in order to pursue other things that I also have a heart and passion for. Simply because the right doors were not open. Now I'm staring at two doors that are wide open, and yet, at any moment either one can be slammed in my face. I know the Lord is sovereign and He ultimately will make it all work out, but in the moment I'm being forced to choose... HOW willing am I, REALLY to serve ANYWHERE as long as it is for the Lord's Glory, or is it more about where I think I can succeed or do well.
Why do I say all this, not even knowing if it all makes sense? Because I am choosing to continue to pray "PUT ME ANYWHERE" I am choosing to make it about His glory, and knowing that there may be pain along the road, but in the end it WILL be worth it. Because the Lord is my Joy and my Delight. What part do you have to play in this? Join with me in prayer, I have invited people to pray the dangerous prayers, and I must continue to bear the weight and responsibility of that and trust the Lord, not ask Him why, because I already know why. Pray with me, pray what the Lord puts on your heart. Pray that His will be done. Pray that no matter where He puts me it is for His glory and that I will honor that.

This is the song... in it's fullness. Please check it out. Are you willing to declare "Put me anywhere, just put Your glory in me. I'll serve anywhere, just let me see Your beauty."

Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Madness is winding Down

I thought about starting my post with... "Well", but I've been told I start every post that way. So I won't. It's almost the end of March and an exciting opportunity is just around the corner. To say I'm nervous is an understatement of what I'm feeling, but I know that it will all be good in the end. On Monday I begin a two week long process of Ministry Team Roads. I know it's going to be challenging and I know I am going to learn a lot from it. I think it's the "it's going to be challenging" part that makes me nervous. But, I am excited too. If I go through this process well, I may be accepted to stay at Teen Mania for a third year. It would look very different than anything I've done so far, but I know it would be good. Even though I'm not quite seeing how everything is fitting together as I am going through it, as I look back over last year, and the things I have learned so far this year, I can see a connection in the process, and I am grateful to know I am not the same person I was two years ago.
Last night I helped my sister from last year with leading her Core. It was on compromise. She shared a great quote by C.S. Lewis from The Screwtape Letters:
 "Indeed the safest road to hell is the gradual one --the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts..." 
See, it's not the big compromises, you know, the ones that everyone calls us out on, that hinder our walk with the Lord. No, those are usually corrected quickly. It's the small ones, the compromise that goes seemingly unnoticed that leaves us wondering why we can't hear the Lord or why life seems to be going so bad. While I helped lead core, I always seem to get a little something for myself out of it as well. It challenged me to think about what areas I may be compromising in. I hope it does the same for you. 

Friday, March 2, 2012


Well, it's time for round two on the video posts. I'm not sure if anyone actually enjoys them but, I have fun doing them and it seems a little more personal to get to see my face. :)

OH! I forgot to mention in the video... (and by the time I realized didn't want to go through uploading it all over again) March 1 was yesterday, which means I can officially date! The Lord is still working on a lot and so I'm content with the fact that I'm not dating, but there is a freedom in knowing I CAN when the right man comes along.

Monday, February 20, 2012

No Clever titles

Well, it's been a while, so what's been happening.... well, to work my way backwards... I'm super excited for tonight... but I can't say why yet or I'll ruin a surprise. This weekend the interns had their Fasting LTE.  Blaise Foret was here and it was amazing. One night he talked about the cross and had some really good things to say that reminded me of the reason I started the blog in the first place -- because I want the cross. I want to make that DAILY choice of Jesus and the life I have in Him.  A lot of lives were changed and it was so good to be able to be a part of that.
I have been reading through the book The Pursuit of Holiness and it has been changing my perspective and giving me profound revelation not only in the way that I look at holiness but also about how those around me see it and it's making a lot of things make sense.
The following are a couple of exerts from the book.

"To regard wickedness is to cherish some sin, to love it to the extent that I am not willing to part with it.  I know it is there, yet I justify it in some way like the child who says, "Well, he hit me first."  When we are holding on to some sin, we are not pursuing holiness and we cannot have fellowship with God."
"Whatever increases the strength and authority of your body over your mind--that thing is sin to you. Susannah Wesley"

Another exciting thing is just around the corner... ok, well maybe not so exciting, but it seems to be a milestone in my life that the Lord is working me toward..... something that we affectionately call... MARCH MADNESS. No, I'm not talking about basketball. I'm talking about March 1st... the all important date when August Graduate interns (with some exceptions) are allowed to date! Now don't be overly excited, most of March madness is hype for something that doesn't really happen. Sure, you'll see a few people start to date, but they are definitely the minority. So... that being said why do I bring it up? Well, like I said, it is a milestone in my life. I'm not exactly positive what this milestone is, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with contentment. See, up til this point not dating has been a rule... not a choice, so all I had to do was submit to the rule. When March rolls around, that all changes. It's no longer a rule that I must submit to, but it is something that I will have to learn to be content with not dating. How do I know that I will not be dating? Well, I don't and there IS a longing within me to have someone, to know that I am being pursued by someone who will love me in the way that I have learned to be loved, and learned to love. So I am open, but looking at my friendships with guys, I just don't see it happening in 10 days. Guess we'll just have to see what madness happens when March rolls around.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Heart Cries

Well I finally have all the songs I've recorded up on a website called bandcamp. My link is http://kaylarichardson.bandcamp.com/  You will notice that I have what appears to be an "album title" as well as three individual songs up.  I wanted to give a short explanation of why I chose the album title that I did. If you look at the lyrics of each song they all have a common theme. They are all things that in some point in time in my journey to grow closer to Christ have been the cry of my heart. Vessel came out of a desire to be poured into more so that I would be more effective when I was ministering to others. Here I Am came out of a time of desperation, where the Lord was meeting me on a deep level and I was overwhelmed by what He was doing in my life. Along those same lines Words Can't Describe really came from an emotional time where I was so overwhelmed by the Lord's love that I didn't know how to say how grateful I was.
So that's just a little bit of my heart behind each song. Enjoy!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Exciting news

Well, I'm finally partially on my way to having my songs up. I am still exploring some options, but in the meantime check out this link with one song up. Here I Am This is just a sample of all that I am learning at the Honor Academy. If you would like to donate to my account you can follow the link on the right side of my page.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On The Road Again

Well, ok. I'm not on the road, but Ministry Team is getting ready to head out to the Spring part of the tour, and once again it is a bitter sweet moment. I am so excited for what the Lord is going to do in all of the cities, and yet, two of my best friends are leaving and I will not be seeing them for extended periods of time.
Now, it seems fit that after about a month, I fill you in on what's going on here (outside of Ministry Team leaving)
My Christmas break was good, though I didn't see any snow, and it's not looking promising for this year. I guess I can't complain too much when I'm getting to enjoy 70 degree weather in January, but an odd part of me misses the cold. Life in School of Worship is back in full swing. We played for Gauntlet and now our schedule is calming back down to its typical pace. I have a new roommate this semester, and there are 11 women living in my house. It's interesting... to say the least.
I seem to be in a random-jump-around sort of mood today. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from a "photo shoot" my Family Core from last year did, right before we went on Christmas break.

Standing by the recently re-filled fountain on campus

Yes... we are in the middle of a busy road... no, we probably didn't think it all the way through. :)

It brings joy to my heart to know that the memories I am making with the people I am surrounded by are the things I will want to tell my children about, not only because of the Godly people involved in them, but because these are the sweet memories that define the simple joys of my life now.

I'm hoping to update a post soon that has a link to the music I've been writing recently as part of my School of Worship experience. So keep an eye out.

But until then, wrestle with the Lord, and if you come out the other side with a limp... count it a blessing.