Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sometimes you just have to smile and wave

You  ever have one of those days? You know... the kind that make you want to curl back up in bed and pretend like the day never happened. But in the midst of that, you have great friends who know how to cheer you up... and then... that ONE thing... that, had that been the only thing... would have been manageable, but because of your day it just sent you over the top. But you can't show that it sent you over the top, I mean lets be honest, it was probably your boss that sent you over the top, and well, blowing up in front of him would get you fired. So, rather than loose it you bottle it all deep inside you and you politely respond to your boss and he's none the wiser. Does him being ignorant to the rage within you make it any less wrong to be that angry? Don't get me wrong, I am not about to justify anger - unless it's the righteous kind (but there's a different blog post for that discussion). However, how you handle yourself IS a sign of how well you are doing. See, I'm the type of person that, at one point, would have blown up and called it a day, started packing my stuff, and head home... but when you are that type of person, and learn to handle the anger, and deal with it like a human being... it is a sign of growth, and a sign of hope, that some day just as you progressed from exploding to containing you may reach a place where you are no longer angered at all.
These experiences that "make us angry" they were not put in our lives just to make us angry... but it's up to us to CHOOSE how we respond. Where is your heart?